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The most attractive place for foreign students and workers

Kenia, EU:n ja Suomen liput rivissä.

Immigration and the mobility of international experts are becoming more and more important for Finland’s well-being and global competitiveness. Various studies show that the availability of experts is one of the biggest challenges for the growth and internationalization of companies and organizations. The fact that our number of working-age people is declining does not help at all.

Employment- and education-based immigration improves the sustainability of our country’s economy. Without immigration, labor supply and in the longer term the number of people in employment will reduce sharply. Companies and organizations need skilled labor and special knowledge that is now available within Finland. Skilled foreign workers make Finnish companies more international, and they promote foreign investments. This creates new jobs.

My personal goal is to make Pirkanmaa region and especially Tampere the most attractive place for foreign students and workers. Now we are in competition with the capital area, although the true competition for skilled labor is outside our national borders. Why would someone want to study in Finland, where many workplaces still require fluent Finnish language? If, on paper you can get a similar level of education from the UK or Germany without the language requirement, then why come here? This is something where we have a lot to do. We must prove that Finland is a destination that offers great study and employment opportunities as well as the worlds most beautiful and cleanest nature. We are also one of the least corrupt and safest countries in the world, this is something we must emphasize in our efforts to attract foreign students and staff.

BusinessTampere and its Education Tampere network is a huge opportunity for educational companies and institutions to work and tackle the above-mentioned issues together. It also enables us to tailor solutions that best fit the needs or our industries. Nowadays it is not enough to get a piece of paper proving that you are “skilled.” Our whole pedagogical approach focuses on hands-on doing and practical training. The skillset one obtains while studying in Finland makes them far more skilled workers than the education from most other countries.

The Talent Boost program set up by the government of PM Juha Sipilä has continued and developed into a program that aims to promote work related immigration. It focuses on the immigration on international students and researchers. It is great that we are now receiving government level support for our efforts and international projects.

Peter Perttula
Director of International Partnerships